It may sound like a tornado warning siren, but it's actually a siren from an emergency vehicle.

Broward Sheriff's Office Department of Fire Rescue Lt. Jeff McMahon said it's getting tougher to get through traffic. He said because of Bluetooth phones and super sound systems, some drivers just can't seem to hear the sound of an approaching rescue truck.

That is why the BSO has outfitted the battalion chief's ride with the Howler.

It adds a low frequency to the traditional sirens.

"The Howler was designed to make the person aware that we're there by actually rumbling the car," Battalion Chief Mark Cohen said.

The city of Hollywood has something similar. It is called the Rumbler.

Lt. Andy Holtfreter said when he approaches an intersection with the Rumbler sounding, traffic parts like the Red Sea.

"Because people freeze and then they look to my direction, rather than just carrying on and doing their daily business, texting, doing whatever they're doing," he said.

But, most importantly, they get out of the way.