Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist received an endorsement from a plumbers union on Thursday.

"A friend of labor, a friend of working people. Somebody that's going to go out there and work hard for education for our kids, put our guys back to work on jobs that are really good paying jobs. Not just talking about the jobs, but put them to work," said Phil Trucks, business manager of Plumbers Local Union 519.

Rick Scott, who calls himself the "jobs governor," often talks about the 365,000 jobs he says he helped create in the past three years.

"When he talks about wanting to have jobs, I mean, how do you provide jobs to people if you don't have good training, good education and it demoralize teachers. That's just not right," said Crist.

Crist had a quick start in the governor's race; he raised $1 million in his first month as a candidate. He has also been weathering the attacks from the Scott campaign about his switch from Republican to Independent to Democrat.

The endorsement came as a Quinnipiac University poll showed Crist leading Republican Gov. Rick Scott by 7 points.