A group of Texas fishermen have quite a tale to tell and possibly bragging rights for a record catch. Four and a half hours spent in the chair, but what they pulled up on board was worth every minute.

Halfway through a four-day fishing trip, Bryan Barclay caught a 493-pound swordfish. They were about 100 miles off the Surfside Marina in 1,700 feet of water when he hooked the powerful fish. He spent four hours playing tug-a-war until he finally reeled it in.

"We were dousing him with water, had fans on him, he was being sunburned to death, he stuck it out. Fish finally came up, we got a gaff in her and brought him on-board," said Jeff Wilson, Booby Trap captain.

Measuring nearly nine-feet long, they believe this was the biggest swordfish ever caught in Texas, but state officials are working to verify that.

The fishermen will head out for another four-day trip next week when they are hoping to catch an even bigger swordfish.