Two of the candidates for mayor of North Miami will square off in a run-off after Tuesday's election.

Voters can decide between Kevin Burns and Lucie Tondreau in another election on June 4th. The run-off is required because no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote.

Candidate Anna Pierre, who made national headlines after claiming she was endorsed by Jesus Christ, will not appear in the run-off. She came in last place with 56 votes.

Here are the full, unofficial results from Tuesday's election:

Gwendolyn Boyd5558.18%
Kevin Burns2,25133.22%
Modira Escarment1161.71%
Smith Joseph1,56123.00%
Jean Rodrigue Marcellus3745.51%
Anna Pierre56.83%
Lucie Tondreau1,87027.56%