Art Basel Miami Beach offers a variety of ways for people to see the festival on a budget.

On Tuesday, street artist Danny Fyla continued working on his mural "Free Flow" at Northwest 24th Street and 2nd Avenue in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood. The area was designated for him and other local artists to display their work.

"Wynwood Central is unique because we don't really have an area where it's just really Miami artists alone," he said.

Anyone can walk down the block and observe the ark work at no charge.

Another free option that is more formal is taking place at the Freedom Tower, where Miami Dade College's art program is showcasing "Rituals of Haiti," photos by Spanish photographer Christina Garcia Rodero.

"She's a life photographer. She captures human spirit, which is in the essence the best a photographer can do," said Jeremy Mikolajczak with Miami Dade College.

Art works from internationally known artists are also being hung at the Pop Up Tent Gallery Fusion in Wynwood as well. Refreshments will be provided.

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