Special needs shelters (all counties); Pre-registration required

Some shelters are wheelchair accessible. For other special needs there are five shelters available, but they require pre-registration.

For specific information on shelters for special needs residents click on the links below:

If you need assistance with daily activities due to a disability, or if you need medical equipment that requires electricity, you must pre-register for a special needs evacuation center placement as soon as possible.

Miami-Dade County:

(305) 273-6790, TDD (305)468-5402

Broward County:

(954) 537-2888

Monroe County:

(305) 292-4591

Palm Beach County:

(561) 233-3500

Hearing Impaired Services:

TDD 305 668 3323


ESRD Network of Florida(Network 7) (813) 251-8686or (800) 826-3773

When you register you willbe assigned to a shelter.Be mindful that notevery shelter is open duringevery evacuation. Local 10News and JustNews.com will keepyou informed of evacuations, butyou should check to besure your specific shelter isopen.