Oct. 23, 2013

The final week is here!!!

Everything I've worked so hard for over the last 18 weeks comes down to Saturday. I cannot wait to get on stage and compete in my first ever National Physique Committee competition.

The jitters are starting to build knowing so many eyes will be watching. I've never done anything like this, getting on stage, under bright lights, in a bikini, in front of a panel of judges! I guess there's no backing out now?

Of course, I hope to do well in the show, but at the end of the day I know I have already won. My total weight loss in four months, as of this morning, is 33 pounds. I have exceeded my own expectations and I couldn't feel better!


The most important lesson I have gotten out of all of this is you really don't know your own strength. If you want something bad enough and are willing to work for it, you will find a way to make it happen!

I've had struggles throughout this process. This last week is one of them. I'm tired and hungry, but sticking it out is more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

Today will be my last workout before the show to give my body time to rest and recover.

This last week my diet is tailored specifically for show preparation only. I have no carbs, no eggs (because they are high in sodium), no fats, no sugars, and as of today, no sodium! I am eating six meals a day. Five of those are fish meals and one is a chicken meal, all plain with no flavor. This lasts until Saturday.

Whew! Dedication!

I figure if I have accomplished all of this so far over 18 weeks, what's a few more days?

With the workouts out of the way, my main focus on Thursday and Friday will be practicing my stage posing and my final suit fitting. Then it's the spray tan (everyone has to do it), hair, makeup and showtime!

My entire SoMi Fitness team will be there. Seven of us in total will be competing. Come out and cheer us on!

2013 NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic

Saturday, Oct. 26th 7 p.m.

Coral Springs Center for the Arts

2855 Coral Springs Drive

Coral Springs, FL

Tickets start at $20.

Check out some Local 10 viewers who have helped inspire me along the way!

Oct. 1, 2013

"You should be tired at this point," is what my coach Alex Cambronero told me during our last training session.

I think he could see it in my face.

While I feel strong, my body is exhausted. Three hours of exercise each day with no carbs and no sugar is not a good combination!