Sept. 17, 2013

Not everyone has three hours each day to spend on working out! Trust me, I don't most of the time either.

So here's an idea if you want to kick up the intensity, do something effective, but keep your exercise limited to 30 minutes.

Head to a track with bleachers.

Warm up with light jog around the track one to two times.

Then, move on to stairs. First run up every stair and run down every stair. Without stopping, run up every other stair and then down every stair. Next, walk up every third stair. In this move you must really lunge deep, use your legs and move slow to avoid hurting yourself. Then run down every stair. Once you complete this, it is one set.

Rest no longer than one minute.

If you can, do four sets of this stair combination. 

Then move down to the track  where you will sprint 100m and walk/jog around the curve. Sprint again and walk/jog around the curve.

These sprints are intense. When I began, I was only able to do four of them. Aim for four to ten sprints. If you can do ten, that's impressive!

Then of course remember to cool down and stretch out your muscles.

This is a great workout to burn fat and lose inches on your lower half, a problem area for most women.

I try to do one of these workouts at least once per week.

Sept. 5, 2013

As competition day gets closer and closer, the diet gets harder.

Right now, I am doing "intermittent fasting." This involves fasting for 16 hours out of the day and eating four meals within eight hours. 

This method is not an easy one, especially as my metabolism increases, but it's effective. I am losing about two pounds per week -- of course with proper eating and exercise.

So what do I eat?

When I began this journey about ten weeks ago, it was a high protein, low-carbohydrate diet. That means about six meals per day of four ounces of protein at each meal with plenty of veggies. I would have 75 carbs or less each day. Meals were eaten every 2.5 to three hours.

Some examples of what I would eat: plain Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, almonds, natural peanut butter or almond butter, and avocado.

The meats are always lean meats like chicken, turkey breast, or fish. I would also eat egg whites and drink protein shakes for a meal.

Now, with about seven and a half weeks to go, my carb intake is much less. I cycle my carbs every three days: 75, 50, and 0 carbs. Then I repeat the cycle.

When I can have carbs, my four meals are three ounces of protein with green veggies and brown rice.

I have had to cut fruits and Greek yogurt. I also don't eat my favorite almond butter anymore. Salt is very limited.

Also, I drink a gallon of water every day.