Toll hikes began Monday on Florida’s Turnpike.

The 2.1 percent increase may not seem like much but those who drive on the highway daily will definitely see a hole in their pocket.

As an example of what the toll prices will now look like: The toll for driving between Glades Road and Sunrise Boulevard rose three cents from $1.25 to $1.28 per car.

The reason for the 2.1 percent increase is based on the rate of inflation. State officials say the extra funds will go to road renovations.

A South Florida limo driver says he already pays a lot in tolls everyday and the change could affect his business.

“During the day I probably pay $15-$20 dollars in tolls going back and forth on the turnpike,” said Jean Charles.

The changes affect drivers who use the sun pass or toll by plate method; anyone who uses cash will not see an increase.

The next toll hike is expected to come in 2017.