One former NBA star laid it out short and sweet when it came to planning out a Heat victory over Atlanta last night.

Just get LeBron James to the arena.

During Tuesday's pregame show before the Hawks-Heat match-up on NBA TV, Chris Webber said the Heat's "Keys to the Game" were very simple:

- LeBron wake up

- LeBron get on the bus

- LeBron show up to game

However, even with Dwyane Wade sitting out the game for a little extra rest, Webber was proven wrong during the Heat's easy 104-88 win at the American Airlines Arena. LeBron finished with just 13 points, his lowest total of the season, while Chris Bosh led the way with 19 points.

Besides, every Heat fan knows that LeBron doesn't take a bus to home games, sometimes preferring the pedal power of his bicycle over a motorized vehicle.

The Heat play in Orlando on Wednesday night.