The Miami Heat are moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals in large part thanks to their defense.

The Heat had trouble stopping Joe Johnson for most of Game 5 against the Nets.

But down the stretch, LeBron James able to make critical stops.

LeBron blocked one of Johnson's shots.

In the final seconds, LeBron and Ray Allen were able to get the ball free from Johnson to seal a 2-point win.

LeBron jumped on the scorer's table as Miami makes their fourth straight trip to the Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron talked about Joe Johnson's 34-point effort, "What did I see?  I saw Joe with the ball.  In the 4th quarter, he gave me everything that I wanted, he was torching me."

When LeBron made that comment, teammate Dwyane Wade gave a little smile at the post-game podium.

LeBron continued, "It just got to a point where I looked at myself and said if I don't get stops on Joe we're going to lose this game."

LeBron got the stops, the Heat won.