As the quest for the World Cup continues, more and more Americans are hopping on the bandwagon and heading to stores to get geared up.

But now, local sporting goods stores are having trouble keeping soccer-related items on the shelves, and suppliers aren’t able to keep up with the orders.

The Soccer Locker in Southwest Miami-Dade has seen a 40 percent increase in sales, with everyone coming in to buy their favorite team’s gear.

Employees at the Soccer Locker say their main item flying of shelves are jerseys, and the top seller is Brazil.

Normally the store’s best-selling item is its footwear, but with the World Cup in full swing that has changed.

"We usually sell a lot more footwear at this time,” said Diego Botero, the store’s manager. “But since it's the World Cup people are putting their money all in the jerseys and jackets -- everything associated with the World Cup."