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20 cities with the best credit scores

Check out the 10 large U.S. cities with the best credit scores.

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Best/Worst renovations for the money

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America's lowest paying jobs

Fast food servers, farm workers and food preparers all have something in…

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5 ways to make yourself invaluable at work

At times, even the most secure employees can be worried about their jobs.…


How to stay calm during a job interview

Follow these tips to help you stay calm during a job interview.

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Household items you're paying too much for

Find out which household items you could be saving money on.


Tips for building the perfect resume

When creating an effective resume it’s important to use the right language…

23 ways your laziness is costing you money

Companies thrive on our collective sloth. Make them earn their money by…


5 stupid financial mistakes people make

Why are some people in such bad financial shape? Here are five stupid…



How to prepare for next year's taxes now

As we mark this year's Tax Day, it’s not too early to start thinking…

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How long should I keep old tax records?

After filing your taxes you might be wondering how long you should keep…


Top ways to spend your tax refund

Are you looking for ways to spend your tax refund this year? Consider…

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Most overlooked tax deductions

Cut your tax bill to the bone by claiming all the breaks you deserve --…


Job loss means new tax implications

With so many people losing their jobs, Americans are learning firsthand…

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5 strange-but-true tax deductions

As you race to file your taxes this year, find some inspiration in five…


Avoid these 5 common tax mistakes

There's a good reason more than half of Americans pay someone else to…

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History of Tax Day

As you’re in the process of filing your taxes you might start to wonder -…

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Million-dollar ideas that worked

Most people dream of coming up with a million-dollar idea, but these…

Let your credit cards work for you

Do you put credit card offers directly in the recycling bin?


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