Sun sends energy burst toward Earth

Published On: Jan 20 2012 07:29:39 PM EST   Updated On: May 03 2012 09:49:59 PM EDT

The sun released a burst of energy on Thursday that will reach the Earth by Monday January 23rd, 2012.

Sun bursts are sudden releases of energy from the sun’s atmosphere, which is called the corona.

The bursts are not visible to the naked eye but are very powerful and can have an impact here on Earth.  During periods of high solar activity, sun bursts can be strong enough to disable satellites and other electronic equipment.

This event shouldn’t cause noticeable effects for us and more than likely won’t even produce a bright aurora as most of the energy should pass over the top of Earth.

The sun has been active in recent days and these bursts of energy have been linked to high frequency radio blackouts and more bursts could be sent in our direction in the days ahead.

You can track “space weather” by checking out the Space Weather Prediction Center.  Yes that really exists!