Bayfront Park takes giant green step forward for mankind

Venue installing 500 solar panels to power venue

MIAMI – Florida Power & Light’s goal to install 30 million solar panels in the state by 2030 will add 500 to its growing tally at Miami’s Bayfront Park.

The popular downtown Miami concert venue took another green step forward as it began a project to install 500 solar panels that would help to power all events hosted at the venue Wednesday.

“It’ll provide some shade and it’ll be something every concert-goer will look at and say wow look at this nice city,” FPL spokeswoman Marie Bertot said.

The panels will use a new bifacial technology that serves as power source and energy absorption, and will also provide research for the power company.

“We’re studying this because this is a bifacial panel so not only does it absorb energy from the sun but also on the backside it absorbs any energy that’s reflected,” Bertot said.

The project is scheduled to be complete by Super Bowl 2020, when Bayfront will host Super Bowl LIVE fan fest throughout the week leading up to Sunday’s game at Hard Rock Stadium.

As for FPL’s 2030 efforts, the company says they are on track to meet the aggressive goal.