Cauliflower-flavored PEEPS now exist thanks to collaboration with Green Giant

PEEPS Brand and Green Giant collaborate with Green Giant Cauliflower Flavored Bunnies. (JunkFoodOnTheGo on Instagram, Courtesy of JunkFoodOnTheGo.)

Just when you thought you had seen every variation of cauliflower in 2021, Easter comes around and gives us something... we aren’t sure we needed?

On Monday, Green Giant and PEEPS Brand both teased a collaboration on their Instagram and Twitter feeds, sparking confusion and excitement online.

PEEPS tweeted, “Get ready, #PEEPS because you’re not going to want to miss this GIANT announcement! Be sure to check back here for updates @GreenGiant

Soon after, food bloggers began posting their physical packages of the PEEPS Green Giant Cauliflower Flavored Bunnies with the hashtag, “#CauliflowerPeeps.” According to the packaging, the new flavor and collaboration are part of a new marketing initiative called “Express Your Peepsonality.”

According to food blogger JunkFoodOnTheGo, the Cauliflower PEEPS will be available starting this Thursday. However, there is no word yet on how exactly they taste.

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