How high school athletes can stay in the game during pandemic

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – With high school athletics still in limbo in South Florida, experts say many athletes concerned about losing their skills could benefit from Sports Vision Therapy.

”Vision training is not just about training the eyes, it also has a brain component as well, so people look at how they’ll react to something. What happens is you take in visual information and then you have to process it based on your history, your past experience, and then you make the appropriate motor response. Wee have several different areas where we can enhance and increase response,” said Dr. Amanda Nanasy with The Eye Center in Pembroke Pines.

Along with improving performance, Nanasy said there’s a safety aspect to vision training; research shows it can be a way to reduce injuries, including concussion.

CBD oil, marijuana could prove toxic with prescriptions

Reearchers have published a list of 57 medications that may interact with cannabinol day products including CBD oil and marijuana. A study at Penn State found that a range of medicines, including antidepressants, oral contraceptives, sedatives and blood thinners could be rendered toxic with cannabinoid use.The researchers have also published a longer list of 138 medicines that could have interactions but are at lower risk.

The authors say they’ll routinely update the list as new drugs get approved and more evidence emerges

Check the list here.

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