Will gondolas soon fly over Hard Rock Stadium?

Artist's rendering shows a proposed gondola station at Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Dolphins)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – You may soon be able to get a birds-eye view of Hard Rock Stadium.

Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium President & CEO Tom Garfinkel sent out a mysterious social media post Thursday saying that gondolas will be coming to the stadium.

Garfinkel’s Twitter post included photos of what appeared to be a gondola car and cable posts on stadium grounds. A rendering of a possible gondola station was also included in the post.

What was not included was any further information on the new transportation system. Calls to the stadium and the Dolphins were not returned.

According to TheNextMiami, the gondola ride will last 10 minutes and give riders a “view of the crowd below and the Miami skyline in the distance.”

Photos of a possible gondola car and cable posts at Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium officials are attempting to become more than just a football venue. The Miami Open tennis tournament was highly successful in its first year in the stadium’s parking lot, while the battle continues to bring a Formula 1 race to the area.

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