He just wanted a shoulder rub, but deputies say masseuse from North Miami had more in mind

Qiangwei Dong, 47, accused of unwanted genital fondling

Qiangwei Dong (Charlotte County SO/Pexels)

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – A man who thought he was getting a shoulder rub from a masseuse on Florida’s west coast got a lot more than he bargained for, according to authorities.

According to a Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the man walked into a Port Charlotte massage parlor Tuesday evening, looked at the prices on the wall and asked for the $70, 30-minute massage.

Deputies said he gave the masseuse $100, expecting to get $30 back.

But, according to authorities, that was only the first unfulfilled expectation of the night.

Deputies said his masseuse was 47-year-old Qiangwei Dong, who, according to the arrest report, resides in North Miami. Her address comes back to a spa on Northeast 123rd Street.

“When they entered the room, the victim was told to strip down naked and to lay down on the bed. The victim did so, but thought it was strange there was no towel to cover himself with,” the report states. “While the victim was getting undressed, Ms. Dong entered the room.”

Deputies said the man asked Dong to focus on his shoulder, which, after “just walking around the room for about (five) minutes,” she did, but “barely,” leading the man to “suspect that this was a scam.”

“After 10 minutes of a light massage, Ms. Dong asked the victim to roll over on to his back,” the report states. “The victim did so and again thought it was strange due to him being completely naked, with no covering over his genital area.”

Deputies said Dong began to massage the man’s chest, but soon moved her hands elsewhere.

They say she grabbed his penis and testicles.

“This caught the victim off guard, because he did not want to be touched there,” the report states.

Dong is accused of telling the man that if he wanted her to perform more sexual favors, “it would cost extra,” but he told her no and asked for his money back.

“Ms. Dong then asked the victim, if he wanted to do everything, it was going to cost him another $100,” authorities wrote. “The victim stated again, ‘No, I just want my money back and want to leave.’”

But Dong wouldn’t give up, they say. She then “pulled up a chair and began to negotiate prices for sexual favors.”

The man got dressed and demanded his money back, according to deputies, and threatened to “call the cops.”

But Dong returned with only $50.

“The victim called 911 and while on the phone with dispatch, the victim stated Ms. Dong was pushing him into a corner of the room with closed fists and not letting him leave,” the report states. “(She then) pushed him up against a wall, still not letting the victim leave the business. The victim was able to get out of the business but was not given his money back.”

Dong, speaking through a remote translator, told deputies that the man had asked for sexual favors and she told him no, making him angry.

She told deputies that she was “scared of what the victim was going to do” and “in fear of her life,” so she gave the man $50.

But Charlotte County Deputy Daulton Brasch said that he had a question Dong couldn’t answer.

“I asked Ms. Dong if she was in fear for her life, why didn’t you call the police,” Brasch wrote in the report. “She would not answer the question and kept telling me the victim was the bad guy and she was scared. Ms. Dong would not go into further detail about what had taken place.”

Deputies sided with the man, and arrested Dong on charges of battery by intentional touch or strike and performing an unnatural and lascivious act.

State records show Dong’s massage therapist license listed as active with obligations; it was previously suspended after she had another run-in with the law.

But that suspension had nothing to do with her career.

The state determined Dong displayed “a lack of sound judgment and a complete disregard for the safety of others” when she fled a Collier County deputy at speeds of more than 100 mph after he tried to stop her on Interstate 75 back in March 2018, after she sped past him at 118 mph.

She pleaded no contest in the case, court records show.

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