Leave it to Layron: Dry-cleaners close without warning, customers left hanging

Hollywood storefront bare; working woman’s wardrobe among missing garments

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – What's a working woman to do when pieces of her working woman wardrobe turn up missing?

Joanne Joicin called the Leave it to Layron team. She said, for years, the One Price Dry Cleaners, located at 1622 East Sheridan in Hollywood, was her go-to cleaners.

"[I] never had an issue,” Joicin said. “[I] loved the way they laundered my clothes. That's the only reason I kept on coming back.”

Joicin said she dropped off some professional clothes to be laundered a few weeks ago. She went on an out-of-town trip, and returned about two weeks later. When she stopped by her beloved dry cleaners to pick up her clean clothes, there was a problem: the place was empty. There was not a hanger or clothing rack in sight.

She said she checked with neighboring businesses to see if anyone knew what happened.

“Nobody knows where they've gone,” Joicin said. The leasing company’s contact information was posted in the window. When she called, though, Joicin said she the company was unable to tell her anything about what happened to the dry cleaners.

“I've contacted every One Price Dry Cleaners in the county,” Joicin said. “Nobody knows who I can get in contact with."

The LITL team learned many of the area One Price Dry Cleaners locations have different owners.

Joicin said she also prepaid her dry-cleaning bill.

The night she discovered the cleaners was closed, she took a photo of the storefront. At the time, there was a white piece of paper posted on the front door.

“Other [customers] started putting their phone numbers on the piece of paper, in hopes that someone would be able to reach out to us,” she said.

As luck would have it, when the Leave it to Layron team popped into the restaurant next door to see if any of the workers knew anything about what happened to the cleaners, one of them provided us with the owner of the dry cleaners' business card.

When we called, Eduardo Perez answered.

He explained he was unable to renegotiate the lease for the space. He said he was forced to stop operating out of the location several weeks ago, and spent several days trying to call as many customers as he could. He said he also delivered some items to some customers.

Perez said he also left contact information posted inside the glass front door of the space, but that information had been removed by the time Joicin and other customers returned to pick-up their clothing. Perez apologized for not being able to contact everyone.

“I can give you an address where the people can go and pick everything up," Perez said during that call.

He directed us and Joicin to 2980 Griffin Road in Dania Beach — another dry cleaners, just a few miles away.

Once inside, Joicin immediately spotted her items. The attendant allowed her behind the counter to claim them.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so happy,” Joicin said, smiling, hugging the dry-cleaning bag containing her clothes. Her working-woman wardrobe was, once again, complete.

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