Sonic Lock ’N Tow targets MLK Day parade goers’ cars in Fort Lauderdale

MLK Day parade goers report nightmare

Sonic Towing targets MLK Day parade goers in Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – When a Fort Lauderdale officer told a group of drivers going to the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade that they were allowed to park in an empty lot, they didn’t imagine that their cars would vanish Monday afternoon.

More than a dozen drivers later learned that Sonic Lock ’N Tow had taken their cars and they were going to have to pay $130 to retrieve them.

Not all of the drivers had the cash. Sonic Lock ’N Tow’s employees said the charges are linked to the amount of time the vehicle is kept in their lot.

The lot, which is under lease by DWNTWN Realty Advisors, had small signs indicating it was a Tow Away Zone.

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