Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony seems pleased with county response to business closures due to coronavirus

Sheriff Tony spoke exclusively with Local 10 News

For several days, Broward County businesses have been bound by an order; close your doors until further notice, unless you’re deemed an essential establishment.

Local 10 News spoke exclusively with Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony on Wednesday for an update on the countywide order.

"Let's make sure we get out here uniformly and provide educational warnings and give business owners an opportunity to make the adjustment," Broward County Sheriff Gregor Tony told Local 10 News on Wednesday. "For those who decide they're going to abuse it, then start taking more of an enforcement aspect for citations and things of that nature."

The mandate has left areas like Las Olas unusually empty. It's a sign that most places are abiding by the rule, and that people are practicing social distancing.

But unlike Miami-Dade County, Broward’s order is rather vague, leaving some business owners to make their own interpretation on whether to close or remain open.

Local 10 News has learned a hair salon in Fort Lauderdale is claiming it is essential because of customers’ needs to "have their hair dyed."

Local 10 News reached out to that business today by phone for some insight but was told to leave a message.

The sheriff is now aware and stressing only restaurants, banks, grocery and hardware stores, pharmacies and gas stations, dry cleaners and laundromats, are allowed to remain open in the county.

“Businesses who decide they are going to overlook the law, it’s not fair to the overall business district and community here in Brorard County. We all should be playing by the same rules,” said Tony.

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