Plasma transfusion may save her grandmother and now she’s trying to help others

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Last week, Amanda Rodriguez made an impassioned plea over social media to find a blood plasma donor who could potentially save the life of her grandmother, hospitalized with COVID-19.

Over the weekend, 77-year-old Ines Valdes got that transfusion.

“Thankfully, we found a donor on Friday. Saturday she had the transfusion,” Rodriguez said. “Today, Monday, she’s still showing great signs of improvement as well. She’s at 40 percent on her ventilation, which is huge. Sooner or later we hope she will be off the ventilator and working on her own.”

Now, Rodriguez is on a mission to help so many others in need of this life-saving donation.

To donate, someone needs to have had COVID-19 and have recovered. They’ve built up antibodies that could rescue others.

“Every single person that donates blood, they could possibly save to 2-3 people with their plasma, so that’s very good,” Rodriguez said.


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