An update on Local 10 staff battling COVID-19

The Local 10 family has had nine members test positive for COVID-19 in recent days. They thank you for your prayers and kind words on social media.

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – We want to let you know that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit our Local 10 staff.

Today, we can report a ninth employee tested positive. We are taking every precaution we can, but this virus is still hitting our staff hard.

We had another 97 employees and their family members tested today, on top of about 50 people tested the past two days. As you can imagine we are awaiting test results and there’s a lot of anxiety in our Local 10 family.

While we await results, many of our employees are quarantined at home, including anchor Nicole Perez, her husband reporter Roy Ramos, and anchor Louis Aguirre.

They all thank you for your prayers and kind words on social media.

Roy Ramos, a Local 10 News reporter, has experienced tougher symptoms than his wife, anchor Nicole Perez.

Nicole says she’s feeling about the same as yesterday. Tired, feeling like she has a bad cold. So far she says its bearable for her, but her biggest concern right now is for her husband.

Roy is suffering the most of those on our staff. He’s experiencing very painful coughing and shaking and he’s likely to be hospitalized today because his symptoms are getting worse.

Louis, however, is the exact opposite. He feels perfectly fine, no symptoms at all, and he is taking a second test because he’s convinced he got a false positive test. We hope that’s the case, or at least that he remains symptom-free.

Thank you all for your concerns and continued prayers for those in our family and our community going through this right now.

The Local 10 News anchor has not experienced symptoms but plans to document his journey with the disease and keep in touch with his viewers through social media.