Hungry families tripling in need at Salvation Army food pantry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – There have been so many people that have come forward with donations since Local 10 aired a story about the Salvation Army's struggle to feed families in Broward County. But what's heartbreaking to learn is that the number of families arriving at the food pantry is rising dramatically.

Local 10 viewer Trinity Ward said she was a hungry child where she was little.

"I was in those lines," Ward said.

So when she saw the bare shelves at the Salvation Army's food pantry, she took it personally.

She decided to do something, getting her family and her neighbors to donate.

“We ended up collecting 700 pounds of food.”

She wasn’t the only one to step up. Major Connie Long of the Salvation Army said someone brought in more than $1,500 word of food.

“Then you see Trinity who comes and for an entire month brings food. We had Michelle Mahoney who gave her entire stimulus check so that we could get food.”

But Long said the the number of families arriving at her food pantry hungry has tripled since our last visit.

Now we’re serving over a thousand families. A thousand families? A thousand families every month.”

Ward has kept on giving what she can.

She hopes others can also step up.

“If everybody just did one can,” Ward said.

Long said they can use anything: “3 cans, 1 can, you know somebody will bring it in and we are able to use it.”

The only rule to donate is to make sure the food date isn’t expired.

Get more info at the Salvation Army’s website.

About the Author:

Christian De La Rosa joined Local 10 News in April 2017 after spending time as a reporter and anchor in Atlanta, San Diego, Orlando and Panama City Beach.