Woman charged in abuse of corpse of missing Broward man

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A suspected accomplice to a man accused of abusing the corpse of a missing person faced a Broward judge over video conference Thursday morning.

Police records show that Blythe Gregg, 38 of Pompano Beach, is seen on video alongside Michael Sullivan, 39, last summer inside a storage unit where investigators say the body of missing Fort Lauderdale man Michael Babbit was temporarily hidden.

Sullivan was arrested in September.

Detectives say Sullivan was keeping Babbit’s body in a deep freezer in the Oakland Park storage unit. When it started to smell, detectives say Sullivan loaded the body into a rental van and dumped it in the Everglades, where it was found by Fort Lauderdale police and identified as Babbit’s.

Records show the van was rented by Gregg. A year after the incident, Gregg faces charges of abuse of a dead body and tampering with evidence.

The judge doubled the standard bond on Gregg’s charges of abusing a corpse and evidence tampering. She also faced $1,000 bond of possession of methamphetamine, raising her bond to $41,000 in total.

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