Brother, sister die 11 days apart from COVID-19

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Monete Hicks said she didn’t have a clue that two of her children even had coronavirus until they ended up at the hospital.

"My heart, my heart." Hicks said her heart just breaks.

Byron Francis had just turned 20 when he started having problems breathing.

“We called the paramedics and the paramedics came by. They rushed him down. They said it was just a matter of time because he was losing so much oxygen,” Hicks said. “He just went into cardiac arrest and he slipped away.” He passed away at Florida Medical Center.

Not even a week later, her daughter, Mychaela got sick and was also hospitalized, Broward Health Medical Center.

“One minute, I hear she’s fine, she’s stable — the next thing I hear, her kidneys are failing.”

Loved ones tell Local 10 that the 23-year-old passed away 11 days after her brother; both testing positive for Covid-19.

"We never thought in a million years that a virus would come and take out two of our loved ones within 11 days," cousin Darisha Scott said.

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