Construction workers injured after bundle of rebar falls on them in Brickell

2 workers impaled during incident near Brickell City Centre

MIAMI – Miami Fire Rescue crews responded to the area of First Avenue and Eighth Street Wednesday after multiple workers were injured in a construction accident.

Other workers who were at the scene told Local 10 News reporter Glenna Milberg that they were working with rebar and concrete at a building that is under construction near Brickell City Centre when the incident occurred.

According to a Miami Fire Rescue lieutenant at the scene, the group was hoisting a bundle of rebar when it fell down on them.

“The incident occurred while a reinforcing steel cage came loose as it was being flown by the tower crane of our structural contractor, injuring five workers,” William Real, of Civic Construction, later said in a statement.

Authorities said three workers got out from underneath the rebar on their own while first responders quickly got a fourth worker out.

Two other workers were impaled by the rebar. They too were eventually freed by first responders and taken to a hospital.

Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll said all of the workers were conscious as they were being transported, however their conditions have not been released.

“The safety of our workers and contractors has always been our highest priority and we are currently cooperating with the City of Miami Building Department and OSHA in an internal investigation to determine the cause of today’s incident and prevent it from occurring again,” Real said.

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