Video shows graffiti writers spray paint over Trump campaign signs in Miami

MIAMI – Andres Cabo, a supporter of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, said he was in shock when he noticed someone had spray-painted over his political signs.

Surveillance video shows a female and a male graffiti writer targeted two of Cabo’s signs on Tuesday along Southwest Eighth Street, near Southwest 57th Avenue.

“Regardless of your political views you shouldn’t deface people’s property,” he said. "Why does this offend

Cabo, the owner of Lighting Paradise, had plenty of other signs to replace the damaged one. He was also using his business to give away yard signs and bumper stickers.

“Why does this offend somebody so much on private property? We are all Americans. We all have freedom of speech and expression. Let’s agree to disagree civilly.”

Trump is running against former vice president Joe Biden. The election is on Nov. 3rd. Cabo said it was an inconvenience and it’s sad to see the community divided. Cabo said he didn’t report the vandalism to the police.

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