Actor Andres Perez-Molina able to walk again after suffering horrible spine injury

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Actor Andres Perez-Molina was released from the hospital on Sunday following a tough recovery from a spinal injury.

Perez-Molina left Broward Health North on Saturday. He was nearly paralyzed by the injury.

The actor has performed on several television shows and multiple feature films, including “The Dark Knight Rises.”

He was diagnosed with a spinal contusion after he said he fainted and hit his head on his patio floor.

“I couldn’t move anything other than my right toes,” he said. "Never had an injury like this before. I was in shock and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

After 30 days of hospitalization and rigorous physical therapy, Perez-Molina was able to regain his mobility.

He showed off his strength on Saturday when he stood up and walked away from his wheelchair.

“The doctors, the staff, the nurses, they all gave me good, tough love, which I needed in rehab,” he explained.

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