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Woman uses ‘Fresh Meth Tonight’ cyberstalking campaign to target romantic rival, deputies say

Vanessa Marie Huckaba, 29, of Rockland Key, is facing cyberstalking charges in Monroe County. (Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

MIAMI – A Florida Keys woman recently told deputies that several men had arrived at her home saying they were responding to a “Fresh Meth Tonight” advertisement on a dating website.

Some of the men — who also sent nude photos of themselves to her cell phone — were responding to a fake profile with an open invitation for brief sexual encounters, deputies said.

A detective’s investigation revealed the 36-year-old woman, who lives in Key West, had been the victim of Vanessa Marie Huckaba, 29, of Rockland Key, who had published her home address and mobile phone number on the fake profile, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday.

According to Deputy Kat Donavon, the victim was granted a restraining order against Huckaba on Oct. 28, after a series of threatening text messages that she had received on Oct. 21. The victim told Donavon that her only connection to Huckaba was that she was dating a man who had dated her.

One of Huckaba’s alleged text messages read, “You think texts are bad, next is your house and your job.”

Despite the restraining order, deputies found Huckaba used the victim’s personal information to set up the fake profile on the dating site. Deputies arrested Huckaba on Saturday and she is facing charges of sending harassing phone calls/texts and cyberstalking.

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