Chain-reaction crash involving 10 cars on Palmetto Expressway latest incident caused by reckless drag racers and donut makers

A group of drag racers and dangerous drivers are causing chaos on South Florida roadways.

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – A group of drag racers and dangerous drivers caused chaos on a South Florida highway.

They were caught on camera doing donuts on the Palmetto Expressway, causing several other cars to crash. Debris was scattered everywhere in the aftermath.

“People don’t realize that through these actions, they could kill somebody, or hurt somebody,” said Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Joe Sanchez.

From SKY 10 the swirl of skid marks left behind in a couple of places is clear to see.

Troopers said the incident happened in the eastbound lanes of the Palmetto early Tuesday morning, near Northwest 27th Avenue.

“they’re slowing down the traffic, in what’s called a rolling roadblock,” Sanchez said. “They slow it down so the car in front can do donuts.”

Traffic behind is forced to stop.

From the traffic back-up came the accident pile-up.

Troopers said ten cars were involved in the chain-reaction crash.

Thankfully, the injuries were only minor.

The reckless roadblocks are only happening more and more, from the Palmetto to the streets of Miami Beach, and beyond.

Trooper Sanchez was asked what can be done to curtail the problem before it happens again.

“Well, we can’t have a police officer at every corner, ever intersection, every parking lot, but we do follow social media, we’re well-informed of what’s happening out there because our interest and our number one priority is to protect the public,” he said. “We are working with other agencies to address that concern.

“Nowadays, the beauty of it is, what you do, chances are, you’re being caught on camera. So that helps us to be able to build a case, take it to the state attorney’s office, and then that individual will have to face the consequences.”

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