Father and son from South Florida get ready to blast off aboard a Blue Origin space capsule

A father and son from South Florida are getting ready for a journey of a lifetime.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A father and son from South Florida are getting ready for a journey of a lifetime.

Lane Bess, along with five others, including his son Cameron, will fly to space aboard a Blue Origin space capsule on Saturday.

His son Cameron Bess hopes the trip will be moving to other LGBTQ youth.

“I think them seeing someone like them doing something so monumental is kind of exciting and inspiring,” said Cameron Bess.

Also among the passengers is ABC’s Michael Strahan, who has been training for this special trip.

“We have six seats in the capsule. As you walk in to your left is seat number one and it goes all the way around clockwise to seat six. The first time they go in the capsule for training their name tags and patches will be on the seat and that’s where they get to see where they’re going to be sitting,” said Kevin Sproge, Blue Origins Director of Space Architecture for New Shepard.

“We’ll cover all the things they can touch and see and interact with inside the crew capsule. We want them to be incredibly comfortable with every little thing,” said Sarah Knights, Crewmember 7 Blue Origin.

Currently, Lane Bess is an investor and advisor to cybersecurity firms, as well as the principal and founder of Bess Ventures and Advisory. He hopes his trip to space will inspire others.

“I’m thrilled that the message it’ll carry will go beyond the traditional view of what people do with their lives and how they approach it. I hope it will be inspirational,” said Lane Bess.

The father and son will make history, becoming the first parent and child to travel to space together.

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