Marcus Lemonis brings $18,000 bonuses to employees at Miami high school

Host of ‘The Profit’ graduated from Christopher Columbus High in 1991

A special surprise holiday gift at Christopher Columbus High as famous entrepreneur and TV personality Marcus Lemonis visits his former high school and showers everyone with a big bonus.

MIAMI – You may have seen him doling out money to help businesses on the show “The Profit.” Now, entrepreneur and television personality Marcus Lemonis is giving out big tips with a visit to his alma mater. On Thursday, Lemonis returned to Christopher Columbus High School, where he graduated in 1991, and announced that every employee at the school would be given a check for $18,000.

It’s part of a nationwide initiative he began called The Great American Tip-Off, where he has pledged $1 million as the kickstart to a call to action for everyone to show extra love this holiday season to hard-working Americans.

“To me, it’s just the start of recognizing service providers in the educational industry. We don’t do enough of it,” Lemonis said.

Omar Delgado, a broadcast teacher at the school, said for his family, the surprise is life-changing. He and his wife are expecting a son any day.

“My son just started with a step forward in life,” Delgado said.

The donation also includes new buildings on school grounds, too.

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