Good Samaritans help rescue workers save family of 4 from overturned vehicle submerged in water

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – An incredible rescue was caught on camera as officers and good Samaritans jumped into action after a car wound up inside a Miami-Dade ditch that was full of water, trapping a family of four inside.

One of those people, a woman who saw the crash unfold right in front of her eyes, spoke with Local 10 News’ Terrell Forney.

Her name is Vivian Machado and she said she was the first to call 911 and then used her phone to film some of the rescue while her son assisted first responders.

In the video, rescue workers can be seen pulling out two children and several adults from the overturned vehicle.

It happened around 8 p.m. Saturday near Southwest 268th Street and 119th Avenue.

“My son broke the front windshield he saw there was a pocket of air and he saw they all had their heads up just trying to breathe outside of the water,” Machado said. “He said, ‘Help is coming, just stay put.’”

Several Miami-Dade police officers also assisted in the rescue.

“It rolled over 3 times and fell into the ditch,” said Machado. “There must’ve been about five of them prying the door open.”

Thankfully, despite the violent crash and partially submerged vehicle, no serious injuries were reported, and no one required hospitalization.

About the Author:

Terrell Forney joined Local 10 News in October 2005 as a general assignment reporter. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but a desire to escape the harsh winters of the north brought him to South Florida.