Lauderhill police officer accused of soliciting sexual act from homeless woman

(Broward Sheriff's Office)

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – A Lauderhill police officer has been arrested, nearly two years after he was accused of soliciting sex from a homeless woman.

Jamar Marcus Lee, 28, of Fort Lauderdale, was taken into custody Jan. 18 on charges of battery and bribery from an official.

The incident allegedly occurred around 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 25, 2020, in the 4000 block of Northwest 16th Street.

According to his arrest report obtained Wednesday by Local 10 News, the officer approached the victim, who was sitting inside her parked 2006 Saturn Ion in the drive-through of a closed Dunkin’.

Police said Lee asked the woman for her license and vehicle registration, which she was unable to locate.

According to the police report, Lee then went back to his patrol car to conduct a records search of the vehicle and then re-approached her to discuss her not having a valid driver’s license.

Police said Lee then told the woman that he needed to meet with other officers and directed her to follow his car to another location, which she reluctantly agreed to.

The officer drove to a dark rear alley that was nearby and the victim quickly realized that no other officers were in sight, authorities said.

Police said the officer ordered the victim to get out of her car and get closer to him.

He then began to compliment her on her body and made sexually suggestive comments to her, the report stated.

Police said Lee then began stroking the victim’s hand and using his hand to brush down the side of her body starting from just above her hip down to just above her knee.

The woman told Lee she was uncomfortable and that they should move away from the alley, but the officer told her, “First things first. What are you going to do for me if I let you go?” the report stated.

Police said the victim started crying and asked the officer what he meant, to which he replied, “Don’t act stupid.”

Authorities said Lee then placed his hand on his gun while ordering the victim to touch his penis.

Police said the woman complied and Lee told her that he would give her a place to stay and money if she kept quiet.

According to the arrest report, Lee again asked the woman what she would do for him if he let her go and then told her to follow him to another location when they heard a noise nearby.

Police said the woman used the opportunity to drive away to her boyfriend’s home where she called police to report the incident.

According to the report, surveillance video confirms that the officer met with the victim at Dunkin’ and then went to a nearby alley with her.

Police said detectives also learned that while working as a road patrol officer, Lee had met multiple women while responding to calls for service and used a second cellphone to contact them in attempts to arrange sexual encounters.

According to a news release for the city of Lauderhill, Lee was charged by the State Attorney’s Office in October and the city placed him in an unpaid status.

An arrest warrant was issued for him early this year and he turned himself in on Jan. 18, city officials said.

“Now that Lee has been charged criminally and arrested, the City intends to swiftly conclude its administrative investigation into the incident and to take appropriate employment action against Lee,” the city’s statement read.

“The City of Lauderhill and the Lauderhill Police Department seek justice for any victims of crimes and misconduct including those committed by an Officer of the Law. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of a crime that includes Jamar Lee or any other person, please contact the Lauderhill Police Department at 954‐497‐4700.”

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