Woman accused of selling fentanyl-laced drugs at Florida Keys bar

Gennia Siegrist is being held without bond Tuesday in Monroe County. Deputies arrested her on Monday in Marathon. (MSO)

MARATHON, Fla. – Deputies accused Gennia Siegrist of selling fentanyl-laced cocaine and heroin in the Florida Keys.

A bartender called 911 when a customer complained about the 37-year-old woman at the Brass Monkey in Marathon, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy William Guerra reported Siegrist had $944 in cash that he suspected she had earned from illicit drug sales before he arrested her early Monday morning.

Earlier this month, the Drug Enforcement Administration warned law enforcement agencies in Florida that fentanyl is driving a nationwide overdose epidemic.

“Drug traffickers are driving addiction, and increasing their profits, by mixing fentanyl with other illicit drugs. Tragically, many overdose victims have no idea they are ingesting deadly fentanyl until it’s too late,” DEA Administrator Anne Milgram said in a statement.

Siegrist was being held without bond Tuesday. She is facing charges of drug possession, selling heroin, cocaine distribution, battery, and resisting an officer.


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