LGBTQ community plans to march in Broward against ‘discriminatory’ bills in Florida

WILTON MANORS, Fla. – The LGBTQ community in Wilton Manors is preparing to march Sunday against new measures that Republicans in Florida are pushing forward.

Christ Caputo, a Wilton Manors commissioner, said it’s time for the community to stand against “discriminatory” Florida bills.

Caputo said he is especially concerned about House Bill 1011 and Senate Bill 668, which set limits to flags at governmental agencies.

“A new bill that came out, a House bill, essentially bans pride flags from flying in government property,” Caputo said. “Crazy enough, there was an amendment to it where it would have been OK to fly a Confederate flag but not to fly a Pride flag. I mean that’s unbelievable.”

Caputo said it’s outrageous that a flag that many associates with hate, racism, and oppression would be allowed, but not one that is about inclusion, equal rights, and love.

“It’s so scary because it shows that there is no limit to what’s next,” Caputo said.

Caputo said the outrage also applies to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s intention to expand the law that critics came to know as “Don’t Say Gay” because it limits education on the subject at public schools.

“All of these bans put tremendous limitations on American freedoms,” said Orlando Gonzales, the executive director of SAVE LGBT, a Miami-based nonprofit organization that focuses on advocacy.

In addition, Caputo said, lawmakers have also aimed at businesses that host Drag shows and services for transgender youth. And this, he said, it’s all in an effort to help DeSantis run in 2024.

“These aren’t problems that we are out there solving,” Caputo said. “This is literally just attempting to marginalize a community.”

Gonzales said there is a need to stand up and become politically involved.

“One of the things that we need to do is continue to arm ourselves and prepare ourselves for the next round of elections,” Gonzales said.

The March In Heels, no high heels required, is at 11 a.m., Sunday, starting at The Pride Center at Equality Park, at 2040 N. Dixie Hwy. For more information about the march, visit this page.

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Posted by Chris Caputo, Wilton Manors City Commissioner on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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