Recent turmoil in Israel being felt by some in South Florida

MIAMI – A controversial judicial overhaul in Israel is being put on hold amid widespread protests in the country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a delay, but insisted the reform is necessary.

A ripple effect from the decision being made in Israel is being felt locally in South Florida.

Netanyahu told his country he is postponing for more discussion and unity amid controversial reforms in the appointments and powers of the highest court, a possible change in the balance of power democracies like Israel and the United States rely upon.

Israelies have ramped up from protests to a country-wide strike. On the Miami side, there are South Floridians trying, unsuccessfully, to get to Israel.

“My wife died several days ago, we have cemetery plots in Israel so I’m taking her to bury her,” said Elihu Davison.

The protests in Israel, featuring hundreds of thousands of people, have been peaceful, with selfie taking and even street praying among the religious.

Israel’s police officers and soldiers have joined in -- even the minister of defense, for which he was fired.

The blowback from that led to fires being set and barricades busted, giving rise to concerns it all could take a turn for the worse.

For now, everything is on hold until after Jewish holidays next month.

Hundreds of thousands of laborers indicated they would be going back to work in the meantime.

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