New device offers alternative for migraine relief

MIAMI – Recent research is showing that a non-systemic treatment can provide relief from migraine headaches, which affect an estimated 12% of Americans.

Dr. Teshamae Monteith is an associate professor of clinical neurology and chief of the headache division at the University of Miami Health System.

Monteith said a study involving adolescents found that an app-controlled neuromodulation device not only eased migraines but could also prevent them.

“The initial indication was for an acute indication so I have a migraine, I’m starting to feel my symptoms come on, let me wear this device, let me turn on the simulation, and over time,” Monteith said. “If you follow, these patients are more likely to have pain relief and pain freedom and less and less analgesic use, which is really important for medication overuse.”

Monteith said medication overuse can actually lead to more headaches, which is why alternatives are important.

Researchers found that consistent use of the device may also reduce the number of overall migraine episodes.

To learn more about the latest research on migraines, visit this page.

On the subject of migraines, sufferers may notice the symptoms get worse in the summertime, and as usual this time of year, experts remind us there’s a key reason why.

“Weather is a very important factor and element when it comes to migraine occurrence especially around seasonal changes so as we’re going from winter into spring into summer, you have significant barometric pressure changes, said Dr. Emad Estemalik, a headache specialist with Cleveland Clinic.

As barometric pressure shifts, especially during our heavy summer thunderstorms, it can impact the sinuses and trigger a migraine.

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