Broward gets ready for 1st day of 2023-24 school year on Monday

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Ten out of about 1,200 school buses will be electric on the first day of school on Monday — for the first time in the history of Broward County Public Schools — and there are 50 more on the way.

Jolene Mason, the BCPS human resources administrator, said on Friday that the school district also has enough bus drivers to deliver students to the county’s 238 public schools.

Valerie Wanza, the BCPS deputy superintendent, said everyone is excited to welcome about 260,000 students and 14,000 to their classrooms for the 2023-24 school year.

“This is the one day in the year where the entire community comes together for one purpose and that is to welcome our children back to school,” Wanza said.

Mason and Wanza said the district does have 160 vacancies for teachers, but every core classroom does have a certified teacher.

Wanza said they are concerned about the record heat’s effect on schools’ air conditioning units.

“We will watch them all weekend to ensure that we do not have those issues,” Wanza said.

Kymani Joseph will be starting 6th grade. He will be part of an aerospace engineering magnet program.

“I get to build rockets and have my own and see it take off in the sky,” Joseph said.

Jenna Viaud said she is looking forward to becoming a senior. There are 25 students starting at a new fire academy at Blanche Ely High School.

“Our students here will get Firefighter 1 certification and ultimately leave Blanche Ely High School ready to enter the city of Pompano Beach’s Fire Academy,” said Tavures Williams, the school’s principal.

Sheriff Gregory Tony asked drivers to remember they will need to leave their homes earlier than usual to avoid delays, avoid speeding near schools, and pay attention to school buses.

“Don’t bypass the buses as they are stopping and letting kids out,” Tony said.

To view a message from the superintendent, visit this page.

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