‘It was so creepy’: Hollywood police arrest alleged ‘peeping Tom’

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hollywood police arrested a man believed to be behind several “peeping” incidents in the city.

While detectives are still investigating, one couple has come forward, sharing more than a dozen surveillance videos over the span of three nights showing the alleged “peeping Tom” in action.

“He came three nights in a row,” said homeowner Andac Yildirin. “And he’s just watching. He’s taking videos. It was so creepy.”

Hollywood Police said they found McKenzie Elijah Hoosier, 27, hiding in nearby bushes after Yildirin confronted him.

Yildirin said he didn’t realize this had been going on until his wife happened to scroll through surveillance videos on her phone and saw a man walking by in the middle of the night.

He was spotted again the second night and by the third they were “on guard.”

Tuesday noon report:

“We said ‘OK, let’s keep an eye on the cameras,’” Yildirin said. “We turned on notifications, everything and maybe he’ll come back — we’re going to call the cops.”

His wife, Yagmur Cetus, said, “He was coming back all the time and it was kind of like, what does he want from us or this house?”

The man was also spotted right next door to the couple’s home in Hollywood, off Johnson Street, near Dixie Highway.

Other neighbors in the area reported similar run-ins with the same “peeping Tom.”

On Sunday, the couple came home from a night out and caught the man in person. Andac confronted him.

“My wife (was) on the phone with 911 and he run this way to Dixie Highway and I followed him because I want to tell the cops which direction he’s going or the plate number,” he said. “The cops were already there. They were so quick.”

Hoosier was found hiding nearby.

He was charged with one count of loitering/prowling, but detectives said more charges are pending.

About the Author:

Andrew Perez is a South Florida native who joined the Local 10 News team in May 2014.