Joe Biden meets with Democratic governors to bolster abortion rights

President Joe Biden met with Democratic governors to discuss access to abortions around the country.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden met virtually with Democratic governors on Friday in an effort to bolster abortion rights.

“There is a lot at stake here. In the meantime, I want to hear what the governors are doing,” he said.

The talks come exactly one week after the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion

It reversed the landmark Roe v. Wade, a five-decade-old ruling that recognized the right to an abortion and legalized it nationwide

“I share the public outrage of this extremist court that is committed to moving America backwards,” Biden said.

The commander-in-chief is now calling on lawmakers to take action

“We have to codify Roe v. Wade. If the filibuster gets in the way, then we need to make an exception to get it done. The choice is clear we either elect federal senators and representatives that will codify Roe or Republicans will elect the house and the senate will try to ban abortions nationwide,” Biden said.

The ruling could lead to abortion bans in roughly half the country.

As Biden says, the federal government will protect women seeking an abortion pill or the procedure across state lines.

Now moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kirstin Gillibrand are against Biden’s plan to end the filibuster so he’s turning to voters to pick candidates in the midterms who are for women’s rights.

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