Dear Sen. Rubio, you’re welcome on our Sunday news show anytime

Local 10 News was invited to an appearance by Sen. Marco Rubio in South Florida, but when Michael Putney wanted questions answered, Rubio wasn't talking.

AVENTURA, Fla. – Sen. Marco Rubio has been critical of the FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate to retrieve documents on Monday. On Friday, he called the search “disturbing and ominous,” but when I tried to ask him about his comments and other items of interest, he refused to talk.

He was at Mo’s Bagels in Aventura at a nosh hosted by the Republican Jewish Conference, where he made more comments about the FBI search.

“I wrote a letter to the FBI director where I basically said, ‘This is doing more damage than any foreign country ever could.’ “ He said the search was “bad” and “set a terrible precedent.”

Sitting beside former Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota, Rubio did a quick survey of world problems.

“Places like Venezuela. It’s a Marxist, Socialist regime but what it really is is a criminal organization. It’s a mafia.”

After his talk, Rubio posed for pictures. His campaign wanted our cameras there but he didn’t want to take my questions. And, his staff tried to block our way.

We watched as he left quickly, leaving without acknowledging us.

But, Rubio appears frequently on FOX News where he gets tossed softball questions by Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

We learned Friday afternoon that Rubio is upset over critical comments I made about him on “This Week in South Florida.”

I thought politicians developed thick skin after a while. Rubio’s been in elected office for 23 years.

Here’s an invitation.

Senator, you are welcome any time to be a guest on our Sunday morning show ‘This Week in South Florida’ to set the record straight and tell me where to go.

I can take it.

About the Author:

Michael Putney came to Local 10 in 1989 to become senior political reporter and host of "This Week In South Florida with Michael Putney." He is Local 10's senior political reporter.