Video captures hundreds of birds crashing to the ground in Mexico

Yellow-headed blackbirds. (Cortesía, Cortesía Policía de Álvaro Obregón.)

Chihuahua, México – In a small town in northern Mexico, the way in which hundreds of birds known as yellow-headed thrushes died, was recorded after they crashed into the ground at full speed. The images have left many astonished.

The events occurred on Feb. 7 in Cuauhtémoc, a city in the northern state of Chihuahua, bordering the United States. Images captured by security cameras show them crashing to the ground and dying, while others agonize or resume flight.

The video has sparked theories among the internet users, which included chemical or 5G wave pollution. Although no expert studies have been carried out, many believe that this could be a flock persecuted by a predatory bird, and in trying to avoid it they hit the soil.

The yellow-headed thrush (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus), like many others, fly from the United States and Canada to Mexico to spend the winter, and once the cold subsides they return to the north.

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