3 Medicare Advantage plans you should consider

Are you satisfied with your health care options? (Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels)

One of the comments that health care professionals say they hear from Medicare Advantage members is something along the lines of, “Inflation is really affecting my daily life, and I cannot afford a health care plan that is going to cost me money.”

Well, if that’s a concern, this should help.

There are three improved plans available in South Florida from UnitedHealthcare, serving the needs of Medicare beneficiaries:

Of course, 2021 has been challenging in many ways, coming off the unprecedented pandemic year of 2020, plus, the additional economic uncertainties we still face.

Yet, with all this going on, all three of these UnitedHealthcare plans re-addressed their offerings and better positioned themselves, improving all their plans to suit patient health care needs, according to UnitedHealthcare.

“In this current climate, it would certainly have been easier for us to have kept the status quo with our 2022 plans. But that’s not the kind of company UnitedHealthcare is. We sat down and figured out how we could better serve our members under these difficult circumstances -- and it has really been great,” said Roger Rodriguez, CEO of UnitedHealthcare, Florida.

The hard work has paid off. Just recently, Preferred Care Network, formerly Medica, was awarded five stars by CMS, and Preferred Care Partners, famous for its benefit-rich plans, was awarded 4 ½ stars by CMS.

The UnitedHealthcare HMO, long touted for its access to affordable, quality health care, has now been awarded four stars by CMS.

Not only do these plans have great relationships with their partners, physicians and hospitals, the real story is in the member benefits, according to UnitedHealthcare.

These three brands now have the strongest benefit offerings ever, for all plans, even developing new plan benefits for Medicare and Medicaid patients, Rodriguez said.

When it comes time to think about Medicare Advantage plans in South Florida, remember these three brands, backed by one of the leading health care companies in the world, that provide choices to meet the needs of South Florida Medicare beneficiaries, all with the strength and stability of UnitedHealthcare.

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