Return of the leaping cat: Panthers reveal highly anticipated Reverse Retro jersey

Florida Panthers reveal 'Reverse Retro' jersey.
Florida Panthers reveal 'Reverse Retro' jersey. (Florida Panthers/NHL)

SUNRISE, Fla. – It may be the NHL’s offseason, but the League was abuzz Monday morning due to a brand-new batch of jerseys released for each of its 31 teams.

That, of course, includes the Florida Panthers.

For the first time since debuting the new logo, jersey and colors in 2016, the Panthers will have a third jersey to choose from.

Actually, not since 2012 has Florida had the option of an alternate uniform. That’s the last season they wore the love-it-or-hate-it powder blue jerseys.

The Cats' new Reverse Retro features a return to the iconic look of the 1990s with a fun spin on the color scheme.

Back on the front is the leaping cat, and the palm tree secondary logo is on the shoulders.

Here is the official description, straight from the Panthers:

In the newly announced Panthers Reverse Retro jersey, the team’s crest is featured front and center, while palm tree graphics on the shoulders and pointed sleeve stripes add considerable design details that nod to the South Florida region. The ’96 on the collar honors the Florida Panthers 1996 team who reached the Stanley Cup Final in only their third season in the National Hockey League.

These sweet new threads will be worn by the Panthers in “multiple games during the 2020-21 NHL season,” according to the team.

The jerseys can be preordered at FLA Team Shop and will be available starting on Dec. 1.

Additionally, here is some more information on the Reverse Retro line from Dan Near, Senior Director of adidas Hockey:

Can you explain ‘what is Reverse Retro’?

adidas Reverse Retro is the first-ever NHL-wide alternate jersey program.  adidas' introduction of the Reverse Retro franchise is a proud moment for us. Over two years ago, we began talking internally about a fan insight involving the energy and passion that exists for ‘retro’ jerseys.  The vault of colors and identities in the League is incredibly robust. But how could adidas fuse old and new in a way that’s never been seen before.  This eventually translated into a simple, but consistent formula or phrase for the adidas Reverse Retro program – ‘Your Colors, Your Retros, Remixed.’

Tell us about the process to execute a league-wide alternate jersey process

It’s probably considerably more than 31-times the typical process to execute a single jersey. The process was a unique collaboration between adidas, the NHL and the 31 Clubs that spanned more than two years. In 2018, the NHL and adidas met at adidas' Brooklyn Creator Farm, where some of our most unique and forward-looking innovation begin, and the concept was pitched to the Commissioner and his leadership team. What you don’t see today is the imagination around adidas Reverse Retro on-ice matchups and rivalries, how these jerseys will appear in broadcast and create such special moments for players and fans, how the uniforms will live in other environments, from NHL ’21, to media guides, and in-game, or even the detail and precision that goes into matching equipment colors to create the ultimate expression of the adidas Reverse Retro concept for the fans.

What do you say to the traditionalist who might be ‘uncomfortable’ with the new looks?

At adidas, we have tremendous reverence for the history and traditions of the sport.  Our excitement to launch the adidas Reverse Retro program is rooted to the unique fusion of tradition and newness.  It’s unlike anything else that’s ever been tried in the NHL and is a reflection of adidas' desire to bring energy and creativity to the game. It’s a reflection of our desire to welcome new, young fans in who may not identify with the players who once wore the original versions of these sweaters but are the fans of the future. It’s a reflection of the legacy adidas intends to leave in sport and culture.

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