Jeff Bezos’ company is now working to build a new space station

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Sierra Space creating new ‘business park’ in space

Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin will team up with several companies to build an outpost to eventually replace the International Space Station.

The company will work with Sierra Space to co-finance the new station called “Orbital Reef,” meant to host science experiments, provide a workspace and even become a tourist destination.

Other companies like Boeing, Redwire Space and even Arizona State University will be providing research services.

According to Sierra Space, “Orbital Reef” would become: “A growing commercial ecosystem in Earth orbit that will unlock the potential for new discoveries, unimagined products, new forms of entertainment, and promote a new level of interconnected global awareness.”

In recent years, NASA has mentioned the need to eventually replace the now 20-year-old International Space Station.

Blue Origin has hopes “Orbital Reef” will be up and running by the end of this decade.

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