Chocolate factory ramps up production for Valentine’s Day

Hoffman’s Chocolates makes 50,000 chocolate-covered strawberries for the Hallmark holiday

Hoffman’s Chocolates makes 50,000 chocolate-covered strawberries for the Hallmark holiday!

GREENACRES, Fla. – It’s that time of year again.

The time where lovebirds rush out last minute to snag a dozen roses or that heart-shaped box of chocolates for the one they adore.

Hoffman’s Chocolates has been serving up sweets to South Florida for 45 years. Their chocolate factory supplies their seven stores across the region and goes through approximately 100,000 lbs. of milk chocolate a year and 60,000 pounds of dark chocolate.

The factory in Greenacres buzzes with excitement this week. Employees load up conveyor belts with pretzels, which will be smothered in chocolate. Quick-handed workers grab different flavors of chocolate and put them in their new heart-shaped box home.

But, the main focus in this factory this time of year is the chocolate-covered strawberries. An enrober (a machine used in the confectionery industry to coat a food item with a coating medium, typically chocolate) will coat roughly 50,000 locally sourced strawberries during Feb. 13-14. That is about 2,500 pounds of berries.

50,000 strawberries will get smothered in chocolate on an enrober. (WPLG)

The chocolate-covered strawberries are available for purchase in all seven of Hoffman’s Chocolates retail locations. They can be purchased on Valentine’s Day or can be pre-ordered online in one-pound boxes (approximately 8-12 strawberries per box, $29.95) at Pre-orders must be placed before 3 p.m. two days prior to pick-up date and can be picked up in person at the customer’s preferred store location.

If strawberries aren’t what your lover craves, how about a chocolate high heel shoe?

The shoe is 10 ounces of silky, smooth milk or dark chocolate that comes in a decorative gift box that resembles a designer purse.

The options at Hoffman’s Chocolates are endless, but so are the excuses for people who come home empty-handed on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t be that person!

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