Florida is America’s no. 2 dream destination for vacation this summer, second to Hawaii

Morning in Miami, April 5. (Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Courtesy of Nicole Lopez-Alvar)

MIAMI – “We live where you vacation” has an impressive amount of actual validity to it — turns out Americans truly do dream of visiting the Sunshine State.

According to a new survey by TripIt, while Hawaii is the No. 1 dream destination for Americans, Florida is No. 2 on Americans’ bucket lists for travel this year.

Florida has been a top destination for travelers throughout the pandemic, which explains the chaos that ensued in Miami Beach during the spring break month of March.

According to the survey, this trend has only grown with news of vaccines: many Americans are planning a visit to Disney World this year.

Furthermore, the survey states that a majority of U.S. citizens plan to visit warmer climates, which comes as no surprise after a prolonged and active winter filled with winter storms across the country, including Texas.

Travelers plan to head to Hawaii, which is their top choice for a domestic bucket list trip, followed by Florida, and Arizona, which came in third overall.

Colorado and California tied to round out the top five.

To see the complete survey, click here.